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About Our Products

Innovative Design

The Skoo Kitchen Accessories are easy to store, made from high grade heat resistant silicone, have a stable base and handles, for safe manoeuvers.

Fun & Trendy

Sometimes cooking can be overwhelming, time consuming and so messy! But with SKOO Kitchen Accesories  even your kids can be active in the kitchen and they will love it!

Made to Last

Outstanding quality, 30 Days guarantee, premium innovative design, perfect for veggies, eggs, desserts, cheese, fudge and more! Instructions included.

Our Clients Say

"Oh my, this is nice! This will work in an Instant Pot or in a pot on the stove. I was thrilled to be able to make perfect poached eggs (i did them on the stove) the very first time! The directions said to put a bit of butter or spray oil in the egg bowls prior to putting the egg in, which i did. The perfectly poached eggs just slide out and the cleaning is so easy."

Farmhouse Lady

"I just got this recently and and have used it basically every it! It works so great for veggies and eggs, makes it super easy. Can't say enough good things!"

Jen, Ohio

"I am a picky eater. I only like my veggies steamed like they do at restaurants. Thankfullt this makes them exactly like i like them! It's so easy to use. Lots of parts, but they don't take up much space."

Brandy, blogger

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